Acuderm Inc:

Since February 1983, Acuderm has built its reputation as an innovator and supplier of high quality specialty medical products, disposable instruments and dermatology supplies. The company is continually developing new products and bringing them to the market. This effort has resulted in eight U.S. Patents and one international Patent covering these Acuderm Products:

> ACU-Excisor - Disposable elliptical excisional scalpels

> Acu-Dispo-Curette - Disposable dermal curette

> Acu-Dispo-CE - Disposable comedo extractor


Acuderm Inc Acu-Punch offers Sia "EastMed" Acuderm Inc Needles, syringes offers Sia "EastMed" Acuderm Inc Disposable Scalpel offers Sia "EastMed"


Before Acuderm releases any new products, it is subjected to comprehensive evaluation and review by the dermatologists and other specialists who form the Acuderm Advisory Panel and Board of Directors. Their input helps us to fine-tune Acuderm products prior to making them available worldwide.