Disposable biopsy instruments: 


Acuderm Inc Acu-Punch offers Sia "EastMed" Acu-Punch® is the ONLY disposable punch made in the U.S.A. -- and the ONLY punch available in a complete range of 14 sizes: 1mm, 1,5mm, 2mm, 2,5mm, 3mm, 3,5mm, 4mm, 4,5mm, 5mm, 6mm, 7mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm. Acu-Punch® is always razor sharp and ready to use. The handle is ribbed for maximum control, even when wearing gloves.

Acu-Punch Kit

Acuderm Inc Acu-Punch Kit offers Sia "EastMed"Everything needed for a simple skin biopsy, in a convenient, pre-packaged kit. Each kit contains 1 Acu-Punch, 1 Acu-Scissors (3-1/2" curved), 2 gauze pads, 1 Acu-Forceps (disposable), 1 Povidone iodine prep pad, 1 alcohol prep pad, 1 adhesive bandage, (7/8" round) and 1 CSR wrap (12" X 12")


Acuderm Inc Acu-Dispo-Curette offers Sia "EastMed"Sterile, Disposable Curette Loop Tips: 2mm, 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 7mm sizes, 1mm Cup Tip, 3mm Flat Tip.


Acuderm Inc Acu-Excisor offers Sia "EastMed"Sharp, surgical stainless steel blade, and always sterile and ready-to-use. Make elliptical incisions Quickly and easily. Close neatly with a few stitches. Large hollow handle allows easy removal of excised tissue. Individually wrapped. Sizes: 3mm x 7,5mm, 4mm x 8mm, 6mm x 12mm. Look for the white handle with the Acuderm logo, for your assurance of "made in America" quality.

Includes a Single 6' length tube w/ integral wand & sponge guard (replace as needed) and six 2' length tubes to be replaced after each procedure Metric Conversion: 35mm diameter x 1830mm, 35mm diameter x 610mm