Needles, syringes: 

Becton-Dickinson Needle

Acuderm Inc Becton-Dickinson Needle offers Sia "EastMed"High quality, economical plastic hub hypodermic needles. Sizes: 30G- 1/2", 30G- 1". Fits both luer slip and luer lock syringes. Tri-beveled tip. Box of 100. STERILE


Acuderm Inc Acu-Micro-Needle offers Sia "EastMed"Box of 12 Reusable/autoclavable with removable stylet. Sizes: 32G- 1/2" , 32G- 1/4", 32G- 3/8", 33G- 1/2", 33G- 1/4", 33G- 3/8". Fine gauge for sclerotherapy, short bevel to avoid extravasation of small spider veins. Box of 12. NON-STERILE

 Liposuction/Injection Needle

Acuderm Inc Liposuction/Injection Needle offers Sia "EastMed"Reusable with removable stylet. Metal hub, 3" for suction and injection of fat. Sizes: 14G -3", 16G -3", 18G -3". NON-STERILE


Acuderm Inc Syringes offers Sia "EastMed" Tuberculin markings. Easy to read graduation in 0.01cc increments. Available in assorted needle gauges and length. Sizes- with needle: 0,5cc, 28G -1/2"; 1cc, 28G -1/2"; 0,3cc, 0,5cc, 1cc, 30G - 1/2"; 0,3cc, 0,5cc, 1cc, 31G - 5/16"; 1cc, 20G - 1/2". With detachable needle: 1cc, 25 -5/8"; 1cc, 27G -1/2"; 3cc, 22G -1-1/2". No needle: 1cc. Box of 100. STERILE.

Includes a Single 6' length tube w/ integral wand & sponge guard (replace as needed) and six 2' length tubes to be replaced after each procedure Metric Conversion: 35mm diameter x 1830mm, 35mm diameter x 610mm