Surgical instruments: 

Scalpel Handle

Acuderm Inc Scalpel Handle offers Sia "EastMed"Surgical Grade - our best, highest quality instruments, which offer the longest service life. Buy with Confidence. Acuderm offers the “try before you buy” option because so many physicians like to personally inspect the instruments. Our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee gives you 30 days to look over the instruments you purchase and make sure they satisfy your needs. If for any reason, you decide that you are not 100% satisfied, simply return the instrument per our return policy (instruments must be unused and un-sterilized). Acuderm will provide a full refund after the instruments are returned and inspected.


Acuderm Inc Scissors offers Sia "EastMed"We offer straight, curved, angle, stitch scissors. Stainless Steel, professional quality, sharp.


Acuderm Inc Nippers offers Sia "EastMed"We offer cuticle nippers, nippers with double spring and lock, super toe nail scissors.

Disposable Scalpel

Acuderm Inc Disposable Scalpel offers Sia "EastMed"Sharp stainless steel blade with rigid short and long plastic handle. Blade sizes: Nr. 10, Nr. 11, Nr. 15. Convenient, single use scalpel individually packaged. STERILE
Includes a Single 6' length tube w/ integral wand & sponge guard (replace as needed) and six 2' length tubes to be replaced after each procedure Metric Conversion: 35mm diameter x 1830mm, 35mm diameter x 610mm