Bovie Medical is setting the standard for surgi-center and hospital-based electrosurgical generators and accessories with a range of “state of the art” models: the Aaron 800-EU™, the Aaron 900™, the Aaron 950™, the Aaron 1250™, the Aaron 2250™, and the Aaron 3250™ along with the IDS-200™, IDS-300™, and ICON Gi™. This full line is the most complete offering of any USA manufactured electrosurgical generator product. The feature-packed generators are designed from the ground up to be extremely reliable, and are UL and Canadian Standards compliant. All of these generators are available for private labeling.


Aaron 940 offers Sia "EastMed" Low temperature cauteries cauteries offers Sia "EastMed" Disposable Grounding Pads offers Sia "EastMed"


  Over the past decade, we have expanded our manufacturing capabilities to include a full line of disposable electrosurgical electrodes in blade, ball, needle, loop and laparoscopic form. The reusable ES pencils, with a full compliment of reusable electrodes and bipolar forceps, enhance our ever-expanding line of products.

The patent-pending MEG™ laparoscopic hand instrument line, developed at our Bovie Canada facility, is an innovative modular and ergonomic alternative to traditional laparoscopic instruments. It began its introduction in Europe under a CE mark. With recent approval from the FDA, the product is now being offered in the U.S.

In addition to electrosurgery, Bovie Medical is the number-one producer of battery-operated cauteries in the world. Its product lines, distribution channels, and renowned industry reputation continue to grow.

The company now also manufactures a line of replaceable battery and tip cauteries, known as Change-A-Tip™.


In order to make sure the electrosurgical procedures are safe for dosctors as well as for patients, we strongly recommend that you use smoke evacuation systems. Check out our offer - click here!