Bovie Pencils offers Sia "EastMed"Autoclavable reusable pencil, sterile/ non-sterileThe standard Bovie pencils feature button, rocker, or foot control, available with and without holster and scratch pad. All disposable pencils are packaged individually and are sterile. Additionally, Bovie offers a reusable pencil (ESPR). This pencil is validated to forty (40) autoclave cycles and is available sterile or non-sterile.
Disposable pencil, sterile.
Disposable foot-control pencil, sterile. 
Electrode not included.

Replaceable electrodes

Bovie Electrodes offers Sia "EastMed"

Disposable Electrodes

All disposable electrodes utilize the standard 3/32" (2.3 mm) stainless steel shaft. All molded electrodes feature safety grip insulators combining patient and user safety with easy insertion into and removal from the surgical pencil. All disposable electrodes are manufactured to the highest standards. They come individually packaged sterile. 

Bovie Electrodes offers Sia "EastMed"

Reusable Electrodes

All reusable electrodes utilize the standard 3/32" (2.3 mm) stainless steel shaft. All reusable electrodes are individually packaged, non-sterile, in a protective box with insert foam. 

Bovie Electrodes offers Sia "EastMed"

Reusable Loops

All Aaron LLETZ Loop and Square electrodes feature tungsten wire for superior shape and integrity throughout the excision procedure. They use a standard 3/32" (2.3 mm) shaft. All molded loops are packaged in a patented protective tray to prevent damage during shipping. Ball electrodes are available in 3 mm & 5 mm sizes for fulguration and desiccation while the needle electrodes are available for pinpoint coagulation.


Bovie Forceps offers Sia "EastMed"

Reusable Bipolar Forceps

Reusable Bipolar Forceps are available in micro (.5 mm), 1.0 mm, and 2.0 mm tip size and in lengths ranging from 3.5" to 8". These forceps are guaranteed for twenty (20) autoclave cycles. A reusable bipolar cord is also available with quality silicone construction.


Disposable Grounding Pads

Bovie Disposable Grounding Pads offers Sia "EastMed" Available: solid adult return electrode, split adult return electrode, dispersive electode, metal plates



Bovie Standsoffers Sia "EastMed" Available: mobile stands, bottom tray, top tray, table- top.


Bovie Footswitches offers Sia "EastMed" Available: footswitches, waterproof, bipolar switch