Storage dewars for LN2


Brymill storage dewars, offers Sia "EastMed"


Size Model Static Holding Time Weight Empty Weight Full
5 Liter 501-5 4-5 Weeks 8 lbs. 17 lbs.
10 Liter 501-10 6-8 Weeks 13 lbs. 30 lbs.
20 Liter 501-20 8-12 Weeks 19 lbs. 53 lbs.
LongLast 20 Liter 501-20SC 220 Days 19 lbs. 53 lbs.
30 Liter 501-30 14-16 Weeks 26 lbs. 77 lbs.
50 Liter 501-50 14-17 Weeks 34 lbs. 123 lbs.


The Lab Series cryogenic dewars earned their name for their acceptance in laboratories and medical facilities worldwide. These high-efficiency, super insulated dewars are the most convenient, economical way to store and dispense liquid nitrogen. Many lab units can be fitted with pouring spouts, pressurized dispensing devices or dippers to aid in the transfer of liquid nitrogen.

Easy maintenance lid design
High strength neck tube reduces liquid nitrogen loss
Advanced Chemical Vacuum Retention System— designed for superior vacuum performance over the life of the product
Superior strength, lightweight aluminum construction
Advanced insulation system provides maximum thermal performance