All Buffalo Filter tubing and hoses are latex-free. Manufactured and packaged using premium tubing with a smooth inner surface, our tubing and hoses provide better flow rates and lower

Remote Switch Activator

Buffalo Filter Remote Switch Activator offers Sia "EastMed"

Part Number: RSA1002

Works with electrosurgical unit (ESU) to automatically turn smoke evacuator on/off with ESU. Patented.

RSA Mounting Gasket

Buffalo Filter RSA Mounting Gasket offers Sia "EastMed"

Part Number: RSAGSK01

Used to attach RSA to electrosurgical generator.

Electronic Footswitch

Buffalo Filter Electronic Footswitch offers Sia "EastMed"

Part Number: FS10003

Footswitch with 10' waterproof cord. Works with PPSS603 and PSW0602 smoke evacuators.

Pneumatic Footswitch

Buffalo Filter Pneumatic Footswitch offers Sia "EastMed"

Part Number: FS10004

Footswitch with 10' cord. Works with PSWTURBO and PSWTURBO AS smoke evacuators.

Canister, Fluid Suction Collection

Buffalo Filter Canister, Fluid Suction Collection offers Sia "EastMed"

Part Number: SCC1001

1200 cc w/ 7/8" (22mm) adapter.

Ring Holder for Suction Canister

Buffalo Filter Ring Holder for Suction Canister offers Sia "EastMed"

Part Number: SCR1001

Connects Suction Canister to Wall Plate.

Brush Kit

Buffalo Filter Brush Kit offers Sia "EastMed"

Part Number: BRUSHKIT

Brush Kit for PPSS603 and PSS1202 motor.

TURBO Brush Kit

Buffalo Filter TURBO Brush Kit offers Sia "EastMed"

Part Number: BRUSHKIT P




Buffalo Filter Armstand offers Sia "EastMed"

Part Number: ARMSTAND

Articulated arm on a metal base, height adjustable from 32" to 60" length w/ fasteners to hold tubing.

Laser Masks

Buffalo Filter Laser Masks offers Sia "EastMed"

Part Number: SML0F50, SML0F300

Classic style tie on masks filter with 0.1 micron filtration media.

Wall Plate for Suction Canister Ring

Buffalo Filter Wall Plate for Suction Canister Ring offers Sia "EastMed"

Part Number: WALLPLATE

Connects Wall Plate for suction canister to a smooth vertical service.


Buffalo Filter TURBO Cart offers Sia "EastMed"

Part Number: TURBO CART

Portable Cart for PlumeSafe Whisper TURBO and TURBO Auto-Sense


Includes a Single 6' length tube w/ integral wand & sponge guard (replace as needed) and six 2' length tubes to be replaced after each procedure Metric Conversion: 35mm diameter x 1830mm, 35mm diameter x 610mm