OR Booms

OR Booms offers Sia "EastMed"

One of Buffalo Filter’s most popular products over recent years has been Boom Integrated Smoke Evacuation Systems. Buffalo Filter’s Boom Smoke Evacuation Systems have been designed to provide:

- Low filtration cost per procedure
- Extremely low noise/dB levels
- Space and weight saving attributes
- Reduced maintenance schedules (low biomedical maintenance required)
- Simple filter life management & replacement
- Financial Flexibility (system can be enhanced or retro-fitted in the future as regulations or facility needs change)
- Regulatory Compliance (UL, CE, FDA)

In addition to its proven track record of experience in design engineering and contract manufacturing, Buffalo Filter has the necessary accreditations and infrastructure to design systems to meet a variety of client needs. With our staff of trained engineers, experienced manufacturing management, and technical support center, Buffalo Filter has the resources to complete both large and small projects to meet the various demands of its clients.

Buffalo Filter maintains regulatory compliance with Underwriters Laboratories (UL), the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), ISO, and CE for world-wide distribution.