Tattoo removal and skin renewal

Cynergy has worked with physicians and skin care experts across the country to create HQ+, GLY+, and Revitalizing+ products. All Cynergy products have been designed to compliment treatments that patient’s receive in the physician’s office. By incorporating the use of Cynergy’s products into your patient's skin care regime, you will see a significant decrease in complications that can be associated with many procedures. Decreased down time after and between treatments will increase the frequency that the skin can be treated, as well as improve overall results!


EliminInk Tattoo removal offers Sia "EastMed" DERMRENU Scar Tissue Treatment Skin Renewal offers Sia "EastMed" Post Laser Kit Dermocosmetics offers Sia "EastMed"


With increased patient compliance, you'll notice superior results in a shorter amount of time. Cynergy products prepare and condition skin prior to:


> Laser Procedures

> Face-Lifts

> Dermabrasion

> TCA Peels

> Glycolic & Other Chemical Peels