DermLite and Early Skin Cancer Detection

The DermLite line of dermatoscopes enable the trained eye to detect skin cancer and other types of skin conditions early. Every DermLite dermatscope includes a magnification lens, light-emitting diode (LED) lighting, and polarizing filters for glare reduction. These polarizing filters eliminate the need for skin contact and the required liquids, allowing a much quicker, more convenient examination.

DermLite dermatoscope is Portable

Contrary to the vast majority of other devices for skin lesion diagnosis, DermLite dermatoscope is designed to be small enough so that you can easily take it anywhere you need to go.

DermLite dermatoscope is Efficient

With the elimination of immersion fluids, there is no setup required. The inconveniences of oil immersion are a thing of the past. You'll work quicker, allowing you to screen more lesions on more patients than ever before. Plus, DermLite's LEDs last way longer, use a lot less energy, and are white and brighter than those bulbs used in other devices.

DermLite dermatoscope is the Future

Entire classes of dermatology residents are using DermLite dermatoscopes as their skin cancer detection tool of choice for its portability, efficiency and convenience. Make DermLite a part of your future today.

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