The Complete Point-and-Shoot Digital Dermoscopy System.

DermLite FOTO system for dermatology

DermLite FOTOsystem combines the DermLite FOTO model with one of the most compact and most capable digital cameras, the 10.0 Megapixel Canon PowerShot G11, giving you a complete high-end digital dermoscopy system in a convenient aluminum carrying case.

The Canon PowerShot G11 features a 5X optical zoom lens. Combined with the macro imaging power of DermLite FOTO, this complete digital dermoscopy system allows you to produce imagery with a maximum magnification of up to 12X.

With DermLite FOTO and the camera's five-area multi autofocus, crisp, detailed digital images are as simple as point and shoot. Canon PowerShot G11 incorporates a 10 Megapixel CCD with multiple image quality settings, enabling you to print images with outstanding image clarity.

With DermLite FOTOsystem, the Canon PowerShot G10 comes in handy when capturing large areas anywhere on the body.

DermLite FOTOsystem is supplied with:
• DermLite FOTO
• Canon PowerShot G11
• Aluminum Carrying Case