For almost 35 years, the company Dr. K. Hönle Medizintechnik GmbH has specialized in the sales and service of high-quality UV irradiation devices for the treatment of skin conditions. The company also sells iontophoresis units for the treatment of hyperhidrosis. Following its merger with the company A.L.T. Lichttherapietechnik GmbH, Dr. Hönle offers one of the most diverse product line available in the field of high- and low-pressure technology on the UV market. We have succeeded in perfecting our therapy systems and reducing side-effects to a minimum through years of experience conducting research in cooperation with practicing and clinical dermatologists. We could optimize therapy technics and put them to practice in our innovative products. Thanks to the ongoing vigorous exchange of ideas and experiences with patients and business partners we are constantly improving our products.With our worldwide sales network we are always available to serve the needs of our customers.


Dermalight 3000 offers Sia "EastMed" Dermalight 1000 offers Sia "EastMed" Dermalight 80 offers Sia "EastMed"