Cooling system

Cooling system offers Sia "EastMed"

 MedArt® 525 skin cooling unit



Focusing handpieces

Focusing handpieces offers Sia "EastMed"

Focusing handpiece, blue, 0.7 mm spot

Focusing handpiece, green, 1.5 mm spot

Focusing handpiece, red, 2.4 mm spot



Scanner system

Scanner system offers Sia "EastMed"

 MedArt® 413 scanner, 9 x 8 mm spotsize



Hand pieces and optical fiber

Hand pieces and optical fiber offers Sia "EastMed"

Fiber system, Focal Length: 10mm incl. standard handpiece. For use with scanners MedArt® 457 / 458

Fiber system, Focal Length: 20mm incl. standard handpiece, for use with:

Hand piece, 45 deg. (exchangeable with standard handpiece)

Hand piece, 90 deg. (exchangeable with standard handpiece)

                                                           Hand piece, 120 deg. (exchangeable with standard handpiece)


Bare fiber and handpiece accessories

Bare fiber and handpiece accessories offers Sia "EastMed" QSC->SMA adaptor for bare fibers, 810/980 nm

Bare fiber, 600μm, L = 3 m, max. output power 30Wsingle-use, peel packed, sterile

Handpiece, standard, for bare fiber

Tip, focal length: 11 mm, spot size approx. 1 mm

Tip, focal length: 16 mm, spot size approx. 1.5 mm

                                                           Fiber guide

                                                           Fiber guide, straight, L=3 cm

                                                           Fiber guide, angled, L=4 cm

                                                           Fiber guide, straight, L=8 cm