Tool sharpening:

EliminInk Tattoo removal offers Sia "EastMed"

We can also whet your instruments, as from the commonplace scissors to the surgical instruments of average complexity. The instruments are whetted on a special sharpening device, designed for the whetting of instruments. During the whetting process special pastes and grindstones of differing harshness are used. Such sharpening equipment does not cause damage to the instruments. The whetting process does not form micro-cracks in the metal which ensures that the instrument will be useful for a long time after the whetting.


EliminInk Tattoo removal offers Sia "EastMed"

Ltd „Eastmed” renders the diagnostic and maintenance services to all facilities of the represented manufacturers, as well as post-guarantee service in compliance with the standards and procedures, laid down by the manufacturers. Our expertise allows to prevent defects of different types and to provide you with professional advice.


EliminInk Tattoo removal offers Sia "EastMed"

Eastmed Ltd is organizing educational courses dedicated to cryotherapy. The courses will be hosted by prof. Janis Kisis who has been working in the field of cryotherapy for more than 16 years. The target audience includes dermatologists, family doctors, gynaecologists and urologists who are willing to get the best results out of new technology as well as to master the knowledge of cryotherapy which will lead to a greater profit on a day-to-day basis.

Main subjects of the courses:

1)The interaction between cold and organism
3)The use of cryotherapy in most common cases of skin pathology
4)Cashflow in cryotherapy

In order to sign up for the courses please send email to: